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Riot after Africans shot in Italy

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SOURCE: AlJazeera – Sept 19, 2008

Dozens of immigrants have rioted after six African men were shot dead in a southern Italian town.

Rocks were thrown at police, windows smashed and cars overturned as rioters called for justice on Friday, in the town of Castelvolturno, northwest of Naples.

The rioters taunted police as they marched for 10 km along a state highway. The riots continued into Friday evening.

They said that the police were racist for accusing the victims of the shootings of being drug traffickers.
One protestor said: “We want justice. It’s not true that our murdered friends sold drugs or were mobsters.”
Police had said that they suspected the shootings late on Thursday to be a fallout from a drug-related turf war.

The six men were killed outside a tailor’s shop by six assailants who fired 130 bullets, allegedly using Kalashnikov rifles and smaller weapons.

The victims were from Ghana, Togo and Liberia and were aged between 25 and 31.

A seventh man, from Ghana, was being treated for injuries.

The police said that the attackers may have been linked to the Italian mafia, and could killed the men for attempting to enter into the drug trade.

Sandro De Franciscis, president of the Caserta province which includes Castelvolturno, said: “The arrogance of the Camorra [the Italian mafia] has reached intolerable levels.”