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The Ethanol Lie

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Why is this our problem?

We live in a global economy and the US exports wheat, soy, and corn. In the past, it was cheaper for countries like Ecuador to import corn from the US. But after congress mandated so much ethanol, farmers in the US planted corn for ethanol rather than for food. This reduction in food supply caused the price of corn to go up. Poor countries like Ecuador faced food shortages. That’s why peasants in Ecuador are burning tropical forests to plant corn.

It’s our problem because we all live in one world. The destruction of tropical forests for biofuels releases many times more greenhouse gas than is saved by the biofuels. The large increase in US ethanol production is leading to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This is very important because tropical deforestation now accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions and that is accelerating global warming. In addition, the world is losing irreplaceable biodiversity that took millions of years to develop.

Written by Tseday

October 3, 2008 at 5:11 pm