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Pilgrimage – From Ethiopia to Jerusalem

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This is the true story of a wise, old Priest from the historic Christian town of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia, who having scarcely left this small town in his life hopes to set out on a journey of a lifetime in November 2008 to follow an ancient pilgrimage route 2,000 miles overland through Sudan and Egypt to Jerusalem. The purpose of this film is to encourage communication and understanding between people of different cultures and faiths.

The Priest will be accompanied by English documentary filmmaker, Philip Carr. Together, they will share in this spiritual adventure and discover the power of pilgrimage for all to see and experience… that watching this film might become a pilgrimage in itself and inspire people everywhere to step out in faith so that we can build peace one encounter at a time.

Written by Tseday

September 7, 2008 at 3:16 am