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India: The Dalit Story

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Despite its constitutional abolition in 1950, the practice of ‘untouchability’ remains very much a part of rural India. Some 160 million dalits endure near complete social ostracisation. Their share in the development successes of the past 50 years is dismal.

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  1. ”jahan katil hi munsib ho”
    think…….can one expect justice in such country? and that is the only truth about this country.
    yes that is the fact of India. The invadours have snatched away everything from us and are rulig over in our country.They are swindlers for years,spreading the bunkum of socalled fabricated religious h.mythology and their foolish cast system- befooling crores of poor innocent people left them handicapped with no basic rights ,no education ,no money ,no oppertunities- closed every window and door of knoweldge shut for us ,

    these crafty cruel cunning sly people are very shrewed as they grab all money/billions of rupees coming in India from other countries in the name of aid for our dalit people’s upliftment programmes.
    here i strongly ask the international aid agencies to look into the depth before providing such aid whether money is going into the hands of right they send money for good cause but here where that money goes they don’t know??????
    I regrett as me myself being a DALIT WOMEN working on the post of an officer in an PSU A POST GRADUATE HAVING KNOWELDGE OF COMPUTER TECH.TOO face the humiliation in every moment daytoday life even at home?as married to a highcast brahmin man, just imagine?
    I strongly feel to come ahead and do some worth job result oriented work for my people if i get a plateform . I need support of u people. here in india ucan’t rely on these highcast rascles.who are looting this country with strategy. I want to work for my people or my life be wasted its not too late please help and guide i find u the tourch in our dark .


    October 15, 2008 at 2:34 pm

  2. yes mam u r correct i am also a oficer in central govt but the higherups alos looks in the same way what u written and we wants to sort out these problems.. I am from chennai


    May 24, 2010 at 11:44 pm

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