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Written by Tseday

September 21, 2008 at 1:21 am

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  1. A couple of years ago I was walking in the streets of Addis Abeba when I saw a very beautiful 6 year old girl looking for something in the nearby sewage. I approached her and stretched my hand to give her some money. But she refused to accept and run away with a hear-warming smile. I almost cried with a mixed feeling of joy and sadness. I prayed so that God could help her grow up without being forced to become a beggar for a single day.

    Many of us do have the luxury to eat 5 to 6 times a day, but many can’t afford to have a single meal for a week. What a cold and unjust world! What could be our punishment for this wrongful behavior of ours?

    We are not alone with that. Many governments, countries, organizations, and the Media in particular are playing a very cruel role in aggravating the sufferings of our brothers and sisters.

    Of all the images of Ethiopia and Africa in general that depicts the Western media, that of famine and starvation is the most consistent and persistent. Not on any single day will one
    read the online news by various Western media outlets and miss to find a story about how famine is ‘ravaging’ the Horn of Africa or Africa in general. The news texts are frequently accompanied by moving pictures of some poor, emaciated and malnourished figures of women and children who are sorrily staring into the camera (the reader), their eyes empty and hopeless, as if pleading for mercy. Few of these reports bother to shed some light on the underlying factors that precipitate the onset of famine in Africa. The spin media never explore the causes of poverty and violence, or explore the goals of outside interventionists, especially big powers; investigate the forces and factors (often economics) that influence the problem or violence. Let’s watch closely what is happening in Afghanistan where there is drought and disaster of African proportion. In this case, the media, being selective in its News coverages, will never magnify the problem in a similar manner because the West is already inside Afghanistan.

    But in the African case, having painted such a hopeless image of Africa, it “naturally” follows that the West must come to help Africa out of this mess. Such help can range from calls for aid from the western powers, grants from the World Bank and IMF, humanitarian and “disaster relief” operations by the non-governmental agencies like the Red Cross, World Vision, Save the Children, Medecins San Fontieres, etc., to outright appeals by the Western media for the recolonization of Africa as the only solution. In an editorial titled Weep for the Lost Continent, the British News Paper, The Independent once declared:

    “Africa is so much without hope that it is difficult to believe it can help itself. If Western countries had the will, they could recolonize the continent that they left in such haste. The Japanese and Germans could run Africa, using the British, as professional ex-colonists, as their official agents.”
    We Africans are handicapped to see the truth, talk about it and get our minds and hands together by avoiding to create antipathy or division amongst ourselves or before rushing to blame each other for every individual and collective setback.


    September 21, 2008 at 12:45 pm

  2. True words Tariku!

    The purpose of the UN was to fill that void and play the role of the ‘Global responsible Mother’…but the UN has failed Africa!!! Billions of $$$ are being wasted on bureaucracy and unecessary adminstration costs …Countries who pledged to give 0.2% of their GDP for AID aren’t doing so.
    As we speak, the Canadian government refused to extend a short-term sea escort partnership with WFP (World Food Programme) to assist in escorting the humanitarian food shipments to Somalia (due to fear of Pirates on the coast of Somalia)…that is the only way AID can reach effectively in Somalia as their airport is non-functional! People are startving and irresponsible governments are adding more to the situation by not offering the help they CAN afford to give!
    Governments also represent the will of the people BUT the majority people in the west are so disconnected with the reality of the world…People should demand that their governments ACT urgently in humanitarian crisis!!! we HAVE TO HELP …we are all part of the system that created this madness…Famine is a Man-made crisis created by an arbitrary and unfair world trade/ AID system and HIGH food prices!!!


    September 21, 2008 at 3:45 pm

  3. I sometimes feel that the “Piracy Phenomenon” is very well orchestrated by some forces to undergo some kind of experiment or to control this strategically important Horn Of Africa coastal area. Mind you, these Pirates of the Indian Ocean are getting milliones of bucks every other week. What do they do with the money? Byu weapons, technology…..This coming week, European nations are about to send “Surveillance” ships down to the Somali coast. Only God knows what really is going on, over there!


    September 21, 2008 at 10:38 pm

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